Howes-IT-Going - Flash XML Image Gallery

By Running hig_gallery.swf the Results should be:

Howes-IT-Going - Flash XML Image Gallery

The hig_gallery.swf - Howes-IT-Going - Flash XML Image Gallery - is an Action Script that parses through hig_gallery_images.xml Input File -- Returning Found Images: Pic, Thumbnail and Caption. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player or .SWF Opener Installed on a server And/Or a Web Browser to View the Results.

hig_gallery.swf - Save --> hig_gallery.swf to YOUR system/directory.

hig_gallery_images.xml - Save --> hig_gallery_images.xml to SAME.

ONLY CHANGE -- hig_gallery_images.xml -- image, thumbnail, caption tags

This Compiled Flash Image Gallery Requires the Proprietary Howes-IT-Going Image File Layout. You can rename the .swf file... But, You Must Edit and Use the hig_gallery_images.xml file. Simply Cut and Paste the pic, image, thumbnail, caption tags blocks text data to be used and displayed in the images gallery. Each time the .XML file is updated -- You will have to View Refresh or Reload the Flash Image Gallery movie.

Use Text Editor And Save As hig_gallery_images.xml or Highlight Code and Save As hig_gallery_images.xml!
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