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What is RSS? Some people call it Rich Site Summary. Some people call it Real Simple Syndication. Whatever you do call it Ė itís a really NEAT Internet Based XML Tool.

If you use the Web to read the news and keep up-to-date with Technology, Programming in VB/ASP.NET, HTML/XML and all the other cool stuff on the Internet, then you know how frustrating it is to have to go to 10 to 20 different sites to pick your news. As a solution to this problem, many sites now export news and other regularly updated pieces through an RSS file feed.

RSS files are really just XML documents conforming to a Document Type Definition that define a common format for news stories(or any publications) and how to link to the original items.

How does RSS make reading news easier? Once youíve downloaded the RSS files from a number of different sites, you can combine the information in each RSS file to aggregate the content into a single web page. Each item in the RSS file is a small outline of the full article. If you see something you like, you can go to the full page; otherwise, you can skip to the next story or item without going to multiple websites.

Sometimes you'll see a detailed URL representing a RSS Feed or you might even see the RSS or XML buttons(or both). Generally, you can click on any of these links and copy the full path name or shortcut to subscribe to that specific RSS Feed. There are several FREE RSS Feed Readers and Aggregator Software packages out on the Internet.

Howes-IT-Going RSS Feeds Example

If you click on the above Howes-IT-Going RSS Feeds Example link -- you'll see an image of a properly formatted RSS XML file like the below image.

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