RSS Feeds Subscription Reader

The Howes-IT-Going RSS Feeds Subscription Reader is a VB.NET application which I wrote that Imports the System.IO, .NET and .XML Namespaces. The program parses standard RSS XML formatted Feed files by their RSS Version, Channel, Title, Description, Link, Publish Date and THEN by RSS Item, Title, Description and Publish Date.

First the application tries to Open a specified RSS Feed XML URL link. Then it reads the standard XML Document by each Text Node with the Expected Tree Structure and traverses all of the Parent/Child Relationships by Group and by URL.

The VB.NET System.IO FileStream and the System.XML Namespaces functions and methods contain all of the code that is needed to Open, Read and Save/Export RSS XML Feeds content. I can provide copies of the source code for demonstration purposes upon request.

There are several RSS Readers out on the Internet. Some are Freeware and some are Shareware. Some are written in JavaScript, PHP, XML/XSLT, Perl/CGI, HTML, C++ and even VB/ASP.NET. One thing is certain -- If you desire to write a RSS Reader application of your own, you will become very familiar with RSS XML Formatted Files!

[Valid RSS]
Howes-IT-Going RSS Feeds Example

If you click on the above Howes-IT-Going RSS Feeds Example link -- you'll see an image of a properly formatted RSS XML file. You can also click on the Feed Validator link to validate ANY RSS Feed file layout. You can create your own RSS XML files using just a simple text editor.

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