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Howes-IT-Going.com Steven C. Howes I.T. Consulting

Sr. Programmer Analyst - I.T. Consulting - Morning, Noon, Night - Serving St. Louis, MO.

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mailto:Steve.Howes@Howes-IT-Going.com | P.O. Box 274 St. Ann, Missouri 63074 | 314.341.8885 Cell


Senior Programmer / Analyst, Software Developer: APIs, CDNs, CMS, Front-End, UI/UX and Back-End Database / Cloud Applications and Web Services. Effective Project Leader / Supervisor / Manager and Technical Lead Developer in a variety of business service fields. Programming strengths lie in the areas of .NET ~ ASP, C#, VB, Silverlight, XAML, .NET Framework and IIS, Java ~ JAR, JSP, C/C++, DaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Perl(CGI, DBI), PHP, LAMP / WAMP(Linux / Windows, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python), Python, PL/SQL, SQL, NoSQL, AJAX / Javascript / JS Frameworks, HTML5, CSS3, Flash / Actionscript / Flex / Yii, XML, XSLT, WML, WSDL / REST / SOAP. Expert Search Engine- Marketing (SEM) and Optimization (SEO) Evaluations and Tools development. Certified White Hat Ethical Code Hacker - who is Proficient at Programming, Scripting, Automation, Penetration Testing, Security, Quality Control, Valid W3C Standards.


Hardware: Desktops, Laptops, MacBook/Pro, Pocket PCs, Smart Phones, Tablet Computers, Wireless

Operating Systems: Android, AIX, Google Chromium, LINUX, SCO-Unix, UNIX, XENIX, DOS, WINDOWS, Apple - MAC - iOS - OS X

File Management: BTAM, ISAM, KSAM, NFS, Pathway, File Stream, Serialized and De-Serialized, RDF / RSS / SOAP / XML / JSON, TAL, HTTP (S) / TCP / IP / FTP / SFTP, PureFTP, RSYNC, SCP, CVS / Git / PVCS / SVN / Tortoise / TFS / VSS, UUCP

Tools: Active Reports, Adobe Creative Suite: Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Soundbooth, PDF, Android SDK, Anzo Suite Visualizer, Apache, AutoCAD, AWS, BIDS, Bigdata Triple Store Reasoner, BizTalk, Bootstrap, BrowseRDF (extensions), Browsers: Internet Explorer, Google: APIs, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari, Browser Shots, CamStudio, Coffee Cup, Cognos, Crystal Reports 6-XI, cURL, Data Integrator XI, DataStage TX, DB Visualizer, Django, Drupal, DTS, DTSX, Ebase Xi, EC2, Eclipse IDE, Hadoop, Java JDK, Jetty/SOLR, Jira, Joomla, JQuery, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Expression Studio: Design, Blend, Encoder, Sketchflow, MS InfoPath, Microsoft Office Suite, MOSS 2007, SharePoint Designer, Portal Server, Magento, MindJet MindMapper, MySQL Admin, Navicat Lite, NetBeans, NetMeeting, Nokia SDK, Notepad, nuBuilder, NuSphere PHP IDE, OpenOffice, OWL, OXID eShop, PHP Admin, PCAnywhere, Powerbuilder 6.5-11.5, PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner, PowerSite, PuTTY, RDF(S), RDFSharp API, RSS, SAP: CRM Analytics, ERP Financials, Semantic/Ontology, Smarty, SPARQL, SQLyog, SSAS, SSIS, SSMS, SSRS, Sybase ECMap, TeamViewer, TOAD, Triples, Turtles, UltraEdit 32, Visual FoxPro 6, Visual Studio Interdev/2003/2005/ 2008/2010, WCF, WebDev, Web Matrix, Web Sphere MQ, WinWap, Wordpad, Workflow, WPF, WSS 3.0, XML Spy, X-Windows, Zabbix, Zen Cart, Zend

Databases: Access, Adabas, ADR-Datacom, Aurora, Azure/Cosmos, Borland Database Engine, Condor, CouchDB, Dbase3/4/5/FoxPro, DB2, DynamoDB, Informix 7.2/9.3/10, Ingres, MariaDB, MongoDB, MS-Jet, MySQL, NoSQL Cloud, Oracle 8i-11g-12c, Paradox, Pervasive, PostgresSQL, Progress, Prolog 6/6.5, SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008/2012 /2014, Sybase 11/12

Languages: ActionScript, C/C++/C#, Cold Fusion, Flash, Forte, FoxPro, DHTML/HTML/WML/XML, Java, Javascript, Perl/CGI/DBI, PHP, PL/SQL, Powerscript, Power Shell, Python, Silverlight, SQL, UNIX/Bash/Korn Shell, VB 6.0/.NET/VBA/VBScript, WSDL, XSLT

Methodologies: Agile, Cycle Counting, eXtreme Programming, FIFO / LIFO, Gordon Graham, Iterative, MindJet / MindManager, MRE, PMP, RAD, Real Time, RUP, SCRUM, SDLC, SDM, Six Sigma DMAIC, TDD, Test First

Web Services: Amazon Web Services - AWS: Linux AMI, IAM, S3, EC2, EBS, Cloud Formation Templates, VPC, CIDR block AWS::EC2::Subnet, Cloud Trail API Calls, Cloud Watch App Monitoring, Auto Scaling EC2 Instances, Route 53 DNS, SNS, SQS, Lamda code run, RDS: Aurora, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, DynamoDB ~ NoSQL Cloud Database, Redshift Cluster Management. Google: Analytics Premium, Cloud Platform, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Tag Manager, BigTable and BigQuery SAP Web Services and Cloud Analytics - SAP: S/4HANA Cloud Integration (HCI), SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, Fiori Apps, Hybris, NetWeaver, SAP UI5, jQuery, NWDS & Web Dynpro Java, R/3 HANA, OData, PI/XI integration, SAP Application Server, SAP Gateway & ODATA (REST), Mobile Platform, WebAS ABAP Java Stack


HOWES-IT-GOING, St. Louis, MO Oct 02 to Present
W-2 1099 Contractor / Project Leader / Senior Programmer/Analyst / Web Application Developer

* Independently Own and Designed domain/portal www.Howes-IT-Going.com. Personally maintain all Web Pages, Content, POP3 Email, SMTP & FTP Servers and all Web Site Traffic and Administration. Independent Contracting. (10/02 to Present).

* Team Member in the Requirements Gathering, Detail Design and Coding of a Web Based Tasking Collaborative Mechanism in an VB.NET and C# ASP.NET application. Subcontracted for Northrop Grumman MS at Scott AFB, IL. Wrote/debugged Oracle 10g Stored Procedure Packages using Toad and OEM; invoked by XML Data Readers and Web Grid Repeaters. All Web Forms and Services developed in the Visual Studio 2003 IDE. (09/04 to 05/05).

* C# ASP.NET Web Application Developer for Maritz - American Express Membership Rewards Team. Worked on Rewards Online Maintenance Tool, Web Catalog, USMR and SQL Server Database Synchronization, Multiple SQL Server DTS Local Packages and Agent Jobs. Non standard Shopping Cart Web Service Digital Signature Certificates .PFX used with .WSDL, .DISCO, UTF-8 Encrypted SOAP extensions, web.config files and WebTier Services. (04/06 to 06/06).

* Reserved/Created ICANN Domain Registrations. Designed/Developed Web Sites, Web Services and Content/CDN for Amazon AWS and Elastic Compute Cloud EC2, E-Bay Sales, SAP HANA, various Small to Large-Sized Companies using Google App Engine platform, C++, C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Perl/CGI/DBI, PHP, Java ~ JAR, JSP, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, LAMP, AJAX, JavaScript, XML Sitemap and Search Engine Optimization, PayPal Gateway, Authorzied.net. Learned, Developed and Implemented dynamic ActionScript, Flash .SWF, FLEX driven website content web pieces and interfaces. (06/06 to Present)

* Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Evaluations perfomed via C++, PHP/Java, C# applications and scripts. Analyze: DNS, Who Is, ICANN Registrations, HTML, Content, Meta Tags, Robots, Sitemap, Google, Bing, Yahoo Indexes. (06/06 to Present)

* Worked for CPA firm writing C# and VB.NET Windows applications to create Clients: IRS W-2, 1099 and 2006 Tax Returns. Used U.S. Federal, Missouri and Illinois State .PDF Document Templates for Input and Output Layouts. (12/06 to 06/07)

* Created a PowerBuilder 10 - 11.5 DataWindow.NET front end application for an Internet Recruiting Firms Oracle 10g/11g database system. Migrated various PowerBuilder 8.0 ODBC, Web.PB, Data Windows, Queries, Global Functions, Structures and Library Modules. Power Script Language envoked event driven commands and functions across several User Object Modules, Controls, Menus & Windows. Performed Insert, Update and Delete of processed Employee/Job Applicant Information, Job Openings and Bidding Systems. Wrote SAP CRM Automated Customer Support API. (10/07 to 07/08)

* Magento E-Commerce Open Source Systems Integration: Admin, Store, Pricing, Shipping in LAMP/Java. UPS Access Point Extensions to the Magento M-Commerce Shipping software for U.S. AND International Customers. Integrated: UPS, UPS XML (account rates), FedEx (account rates), USPS and DHL. Interfaced select Pickup Points and Delivery Center points taken from UPS Delivery Points data records and account rates.(07/08 to Present)

* Maintained/Enhanced a Mortgage Processing Portal and Document Management System. A portal for agents of a startup foreclosure mortgage processing company to view and enter information required to process a mortgage from loan origination through closing. BizTalk Server 2004, ASP.NET, C#, XML Web Services, SOAP Extensions, SQL Server. (07/08 to 12/08)

* Developed LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python) and Ajax(asynchronous javascript and xml) programs for cross browser interface applications servicing Liturgical Bible Publishing and online Christian internet systems. (07/08 to 06/09)

* Sr. Programmer Analyst, Objects Model Designer with 4 Team Members in Web Interface Design and Enhancements ~ LAMP, Moodle, M.V.C. and Open Source Systems for a Real Estate Education Courses Start Up Company. (08/09 to 10/09)

* Online Home Improvement Store E-Commerce and CSM web pieces written in LAMP, Java, Flash/Flex/Yii and XML.(10/09 to 12/09)

* Converted monthly faxed/printed/database stored Brochures, Catalogs and Magazines: ads, content, copy and images to a digitally scanned, web based flip book type viewer platform; with ability to print, download and save as. Application written in PHP, Flash/Flex, HTML, Javascript, XML, XSLT. (01/10 to 11/10)

* Sr. Quality Assurance Developer for Backend Database Support Systems processing Automated Testing and Performance Monitoring of Search Engine Marketing firm data. Team Member in a fast paced Daily Systems Change Approval Board meetings format shop; consisting of Development Teams, QA Testers, Marketing, Operations, System Admins and Installations. Wrote, debugged and maintained linux shell scripts, PHP programs, MySQL queries. Jira and GIT for source code control CABs and Zabbix for systems Performance Monitoring graphs and error logs. (11/10 to 03/11)

* Reverse Engineered proprietary intranet software package for Auto Parts Design System. Independently Uncompiled and Unobfuscated Zend Framework PHP web pages and javascripts from executables restoring all source code pieces, which were maliciously implemented by disgruntled former employee. (04/11 to 06/11)

* Marketing Research Company - ETL Cube Data - Sr. Programmer Analyst processing: CATI, CfMC Internet/Web Survey Question & Answers using Microsoft TFS, SQL Server SSIS, SSRS, Sharepoint, C#, VBScript, Textpad, DOS .BAT & .CMD, Citrix, Remote Desktop Server and Secure FTP connections. Wrote SAP ERP Financials Analytics API. (12/11 to 05/12).

* Dept of V.A. Sr. Web Developer Analyst S.C.I. Clearance worked on Employee Education System, VA Knowledge Network and Content Distribution Network. Supported VB/.NET front end, SQL Server DB backend, Windows Media Server, Web Publishing Points, Silverlight XAML Video Players, Cisco Routers and Cloud Edge Rendezvous Points via Digital Rapids Multicasting. Created UX/UI for Online Videos, Upload, Ingest, Metadata, Transcode, Encode, QC, DRM, CDN, Playback(Flash, Silverlight, HTML5, Native Players), Ad/Message Serving Insertion, Video Analytics, Enforce Licensing, GEO Restrictions(03/13 to 05/13).

* Sr. Programmer Analyst for Upgrading a PHP, AJAX, MySQL cookies based Contact Information system to a sessions based database going from Host For Web servers to Amazon Web Services EC2. Some Linux and Ubuntu system administration also performed along with data conversions and UTC reformatting. Installed Open Source Data Vision Reporting. (05/13 to 07/13).

* Designed Free and Premium(marketed/sold) W3C Compliant Valid HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, JQuery Responsive Desktop and Mobile Friendly Website Templates and Smart Phone, Tablet and Wireless Device Emulators. (07/13 to Present)

* Bank/Credit Card Company ~ Credit Checks against: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion. Credit Bureaus Data Stores in C#, WCF, Workflows, RDFSharp API calls with SPARQL queries, SQL Server/MySQL, RDF/XML, RDFS, OWL Verbalizer, NTriples, Turtles, Anzo Suite Visualizer, Bigdata Triple Store Reasoner, BrowseRDF(extensions), AJAX, JSON objects, KnockoutJS observables & BackboneJS data binds {{data}}, Java/JAR/JSP integrations, SSL/HTTPS, XMLHttpRequests, XML XSLT DTD ~ Data Transformations, Displays and messaging, SOAP, DOAP, SMTP. Uniform Resource Identifiers and Locators ~ URIs URLs end to end triples data comparisons, merging and detailed data reports auto generated dynamically with W3C valid HTML5, CSS3 presentation layers for multiple internet and semantic/ontology browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, I.E., Opera, Safari. (08/13 to 04/14)

* Loan Origination Software Consulting Company ~ Supported CRM, ASP and Installed DLL Client Framework and Data via SQL Server 2012 R2 Databases with Hierarchical Cascade Updates. Wrote dynamic SQL queries, data conversions, extracts: XML, JSON, SMTP messages with attachments and SSRS reports. Exposure to DocuSign and Constant Contact API SDKs with C# framework code. (04/14 to 09/14)

* Sr. Programmer Analyst, Database Developer ~ Independently Created SQL Server 2012 Data Warehouse containing Loan Company Proprietary COBOL Vision data from text flat file extracts. Imported, Parsed and Indexed 1 TB sized database in 5 hours! Created Customized PHP: Problem Log Package, MySQL Table Editor and Single Login Session LDAP web tools. Also developed Java JSP Servlet MySQL JDBC table editor templates with intentions to convert COBOL programs to Java/JSP. (12/14 to 11/15)

* Sr. Java JSP Servlet Web Services Front/Back End Developer ~ Created generic/portable JDBC MySQL table editor tools in a TDD JAX-WS, RESTful and SOAP, Spring MVC, Bootstrap, AJAX, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Apache-Tomcat and WebSphere environments. Used Eclipse, JSP-API, Servlet-API, jasper, J2EE, java sql/utils, localhost:8080/3306 (11/15 to 03/16)

* Amazon Web Services Cloud Solutions/Integrations Developer. Developed and maintained AWS HPC Compute Clusters, Cloud Formation Templates, CIDR block AWS::EC2::Subnet, Cloud Trail API Web Service calls, Cloud Watch Web Service and Application Monitoring, Auto Scaling EC2 Instances, Route 53 DNS and IAM and S3 Controls bucket policies, SNS push notifications, SQS queuing, Lamda run code without provisioning, RDS Databases: Aurora, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, DynamoDB ~ NoSQL Cloud Database Service, Redshift Cloud cluster datawarehouse. Wrote .NET/C#, VBScript, PHP, Python, Unix, Linux AMI, Shell and Powershell scripts. Integrated various applications software and systems applications with AWS APIs. Performed Web Services Identity and Access Management IAM, EBS, Component Management, Enterprise Authentication and Authorization, Job Scheduling, Dependencies, Queuing and VPC Flow Logs. (03/16 to 08/16)

* EDI Health Care Project Manager/Business Analyst Processing ICD9/10, CPT, HCPCS, Electronic COB, Amisys Database Warehouse, HIPAA 834, 835, 837, 277 X12 and proprietary formats mappings and reports. Created SQL Server 2012 SSIS, SSRS, SSAS and Pervasive DB ETL Batch and DTSX Jobs. Monitored and resolved Remedy Tickets. Identified, Analyzed, Interpreted Trends, Patterns, Data Sets, Reports, Dashboards, Graphs and Presentations. (08/16 to Present)

* Developed Travelport EDIFACT, EMD, Galileo XML API Integrations with SITA OnAir and Sabre GDS Airlines Reservations Systems for KLM, British Airways and Swiss Air. Generated Reservations and ticketing data feeds to airline data warehouse, ETL set-up and data interpretation. Used Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, SQL Server 2012, Stored Procs, Triggers, XML.(10/16 to 01/17)

* Reverse Engineered Hat Manufacturers Digital Embroidery (Wilcom) software package for SQL Server Database Migration. Globally changed URL and URI embedded files, folders and server locations with SQL stored procedures in Windows XP. Used Xcopy, BAT and CMD files scripts. Redesigned old ASPX web pages to be updated to new modern HTML5 CSS3 responsive mobile friendly website. Created PHP & Python scripts to read SBT Financial Inventory Reports. (01/17 to 05/17)

* Team Member in Startup Company SAP CRM Custom IDE Fiori Apps Tool Kit. Attended SAP Trainings and learned SAP S/4HANA, AS ABAP, User Experience, Fiori: Implementation, Administration and Configuration, Gateway Building 0Data Services and UIs with HTML5 and SAPUI5. Developed custom controls in SAPUI5 using OOP Java/JavaScript which are not available with the standard SAP UI5 Framework. SAP to purchase Launchpad add-on tools and become part of next Solution Manager SAP Fiori Wave. Coded specific requirements of the client and integrations with backend systems using OData services. (05/17 to 11/17)

* Integrated Marketing Firm CRM Customer Behavior with Cross-channel Performance Metrics data fields across multiple devices. Used Google: Analytics Premium, Cloud Storage, Compute Engine, App Engine, Tag Manager and BigQuery SQL like query API calls to create data visualization: JSP applets , XML feeds, dashboards, emails and reporting tools. Processed 1B rows in 2 to 10 seconds. Increased agility with streamlining tag management for Client Rep Data Experts. (11/17 to 01/18)

* Team Member in Merging 2 Shopify store fronts into a single AWS Cloud Front/EC2. Created S3 Buckets/ Distributions, applied Cloudfront virus removal for Android/IPhone/Windows, Apache Tomcat 2.4.29, Java 9, PHP 7 nested, real time messaging for videos, CDN, LiveHelpNow widgets, Shopping Cart custom price/qty/ ship indexes, JQuery/AJAX, Google Ads Services, Conversions and Search API. (01/18 to 03/18)

* Short Term Contracting Web: AWS, Constant Contact, Cloud, DevOps, E-Commerce, SalesForce, SAPUI5, AJAX, CGI, DBI, HTML5, CSS3, Java(JAR,JSP), .NET(ASP,C#,VB), Perl, PHP, Python, RSS, SEO, Unix, W3C, WSDL, XML.(03/18 to Present)

Technologies: IBM, Dell, Toshiba, Windows 98/NT/2000/XP/CE/Vista, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2013, MS Office Suite, Informix, SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008/2012 R2 SSIS, SSMS, SSRS, Visual Basic 6.0/.NET/AppForge, Java, Perl, Pocket PC 2000/2002, Ultra Edit32, XML/DTD/XSLT, IE, C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, BizTalk, DTS, EDI, ETL, Ethernet, MS Access, Oracle 8i-11g Packages, TOAD, SOAP, SMTP, RSS Feeds/Readers/Subscriptions, IIS & .NET Framework 1.0-3.5/Compact 4.0, MindJet MindManager X5, Six Sigma Dashboard, Business Objects Data Integrator XI, Crystal Reports 6-XI, IBM Data Stage TX ~ Mercator EDI Mapper 5.0 ~ 7.5, Unix Korn Shell, SSH Keygen, RSYNC, PureFTP, PHP, MySQL, Electronic Commerce, Web Pages, Web Interfaces, Web Services, MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0, SharePoint Portal Server 2003, SharePoint Designer 2007, MS InfoPath 2007, PowerBuilder 6.5/7.0/8.0, PowerScript Language, PowerDesigner, PowerSite, LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL and Perl/PHP/Python), Ajax(asynchronous javascript and xml), NuSphere Pro 5.8 PHP IDE, WinSCP 4.1.9 SSH & SCP PuTTY 0.60, Navicat Lite 8.2.11 Database Management, SQLyog MySQL GUI v8.13, ActionScript, Flash, Flex/Yii, Google App, EC2, MacBook Pro / Mac OS, DB Visualizer, Jira, Zabbix, cURL, SOLR/Jetty, Hadoop

TEK SYSTEMS / MAXIM GROUP, St. Louis, MO Aug 00 to Aug 03
Senior Programmer / Analyst / Project Leader

* Wrote numerous adhoc text lookup/conversion utility programs, SQL lookup/update functions, SQL Stored Procedures and Reports using the entire Microsoft Office Suite, VB/Macro, Perl, AD Data Query Tool, Informix, Sybase, Crystal Reports, Java 2 Runtime environment and Ultra Edit32 Pro Text/HEX Editor. Consolidated Data Warehouse acquisition processes of Extracting, Transforming (or Transporting) and Loading (ETL) data from source systems into the A.G. Edwards Client Portfolio data warehouse.

* Created programmer/developer tools to Register, Un-Register and Ole-View .DLL and .OCX programs through standard Windows Menu Shortcuts using Regsrvr32.EXE. Responsible for creating Standardized Object Control Documents for utilizing company wide COM application objects. Wrote VB utility modules to dynamically create automated Outlook MAPI E-Mail messaging. Reversed engineered several 16 bit programs and interfaces using Main Memory Modules.EXE and DLL Explorer and OLE Viewer.

* Wrote several Unix/Korn Shell and Perl Shell script programs to Load in FTSd Honeywell Bull Mainframe ASCII Text Files.

* Reconciled System differences in an Informix Dynamic 7.3 Server for Client, Cash and TaxLot Reconciliations using CGI, DBI, DBACCESS, SPL, SQL and Stored Procedures. Created detailed specifications, data/table/report layouts and routines to report all out of balance records for different transaction types.

* Migrated/upgraded an Access 2.0/Visual Basic 3.0 Database/Application to Sybase 11/Visual Basic 6.0. Wrote Visual Basic 6.0 Wrapper and Class Object programs to be used with generic ADO templates.

* Developed several Crystal Reports (8.0) utilities to be launched from a single front end application.

* Created D/HTML Web Pages with interactive CGI/Java scripts enabling end users to run detailed Batch Processes and Online Perl Script Report programs via multiple forms.

* Developed a Customer Marketing and Point of Contact Information application using PowerBuilder 6.5/7.0/8.0. Created a robust Multiple Document Interface DB application using PowerBuilder ODBC & Sybase DirectCONNECT and native drivers utilizing Web.PB, Plugins, DataWindow ActiveX components in PowerSite, PowerSoft Report (PSR) and the PowerScript Language. Designed different PowerBuilder Object Modules: Applications, Windows, Data Windows, Menus, Global Functions, Queries, Structures/Variables, User Object Modules & Controls, Libraries and Projects using Inheritance and Polymorphism techniques. Used the JavaBeans Proxy Generator to allow a Java Client to access the PowerBuilder Server application.

Technologies: IBM Win 98/NT/2000, Sun/Solaris OS 5.06, MS Office Suite, Visual Basic 6.0/.NET, Visual Fox Pro 6, Java, Perl, Informix 7.3, Sybase 11, Dbase/.DBF, Ultra Edit32, Q&E, Vision Explorer, SQL, Crystal Reports, CGI/DBI, Stored Procedures, ETL, ADO, DHTML, PowerBuilder 6.5/7.0/8.0, PowerScript Language, PowerDesigner, PowerSite

J. NORMAN CONSULTING INC., St. Louis, MO Mar 98 to Aug 00
Senior Programmer / Analyst EDI

* Created an Inbound 837 X12 HCFA to NSF 40.10 Flat File Map using PaperFree WinMap 5.0.2 HIPAA TOOL KIT and the 837 X12 Implementation Guide Transaction Tree.

* Wrote Visual Basic routines to convert a 10 year old Surge Lab Encounter Dbase System to a new Copath proprietary RDBMS.

* Responsible for development and maintenance of HL7 formatted data interchange and integration with clinical partners and labs.

* Developed HL7 interface modules, message parser and generator utilities for Amisys proprietary software. All incoming and outgoing patient and lab data processed via new interfaces.

* Documented requirements for conversion processes to include Input/Ouput file layouts, key structures and duplicate/missing record error handling routines and reports.

* Processed Medical Information Topics including alerting, clinical outcomes, guidelines, medical dictionaries with EDI, HL7 and X12 data formats.

* Created automated script routines to extract Lab Specimen Numbers and qualifiers from existing text reports using Crystal Reports, Access Database and Visual Basic.

* Wrote several BBX programs, AIX shells, DBFNDX utilities and Access Queries to extract HSD Diamond's Claims Data.

* Utilized FTP/IP protocols and scripts to upload/download data from RS/6000 to PC to network BBS.

Technologies: IBM, Win 95/98/NT/2000, IBM RS/6000, BBX 5, MS ACCESS, Paradox 8, Visual Basic Interdev 6, Visual Fox Pro 6, PaperFree EDI Mapper/Translator, AIX, FTP/IP, Health Care EDI (HL7, NSF, X12)

MERCY HEALTH PLANS, Chesterfield, MO Sep 97 to Jan 98
Systems Analyst / Programmer

* Responsible for the development/maintenance of a new Oracle database warehouse converting BBX, MS Access and SQL Server files for end user reports and flat file transmissions.

* Worked as a Team member in detail design and implementation of Oracle 7.3 database warehouse.

* Learned the HL7 protocol (EDI standard) and HSD Diamond interface engine programming interface system.

* Wrote BBX programs for HSD Diamond system, table update queries in Access/SQL Server and PL/SQL queries in Oracle.

Technologies: IBM Win 95/NT, DEC ALPHA 4100, BBX 4, MS ACCESS, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, Health Care EDI (HL7, X12)

LOWERY SYSTEMS INC., Fenton, MO Oct 96 to Aug 97
Systems Engineer

* Responsible for the development/maintenance of Software Solutions Inc-FACTS (Financial Accounting Software).

* Wrote proprietary programs on an IBM RS/6000 in TAOS/BBX-pro 5.

* Assisted System Administrator in writing AIX and XENIX shell scripts, ANSI C routines and system maintenance using SMIT/AIX. Independently responsible for SSI/Tradelink EDI software package.

* Responsible for client's hardware and software support to include configuration/setup, program errors, data conversion and system maintenance.

Technologies: IBM OS/2 WARP, RS/6000, Windows NT, TAOS, BBX pro5, AIX, XENIX, ANSI C, Unix Shell Script, Progress, Procomm, SMIT, EDI, Tradelink, STX X12 Translator/Mappers, XENIX

PMSI, Chesterfield, MO Apr 96 to Sep 96
Programmer / Analyst/Team Leader

* Responsible for the development/maintenance of EDI software, databases and technical profiles.

* Created SQL/QMF Access/DB2 queries against EDI Trading Partners databases.

* Verified successful flow of incoming POs, Sales Order handling and outgoing invoices via EDI.

* Maintained automated software routines to check functional acknowledgments and send fax warning messages.

* Provided maintenance all IBM Network Alias Tables, Test/Production Data Interchange Translator profiles, envelopes and mapping/transaction documents.

* Created various utilities using JCL/PROC, COBOLII Programs, Unix Shells, CLIST and batch File-Aid. Monitored/resolved program abends(abnormal ends) and failed EDI mailbox requests.

* Responsible for customer support issues including EDI Trading Partner setup, testing, maintenance and network coordination.

Technologies: IBM Mainframe, UNIX, OS/2 WARP-LAN, Advantis, TSO-E, ISPF, File-Aid, COBOL/II, DB2, JCL/PROC, CICS, IMS, Lotus Notes, E-Mail, Expedite Data Interchange Translator/Mapper, Access, SQL

HUTTIG SASH & DOOR, Chesterfield, MO Mar 94 to Apr 96
Programmer / Analyst

* Responsible for the development/maintenance of standard Millwork Accounting, Manufacturing and Distribution Systems Software.

* Wrote Proprietary programs on an IBM RS/6000-950 in BBX3, Systems utilities in AIX script, ANSI C, BBX3 and Progress.

* Responsible for writing Vsisfax/AIX spooler interface software allowing automatic faxing of all internal systems' reports, screen prints and memos.

* Assisted in the design and implementation of a Purchasing/inventory control system based on Gordon Graham methodologies.

* Developed EDI software with Andersen Windows Order Capture System, wrote XMODEM/PROCOMM Aspect Script Protocols.

* Served as a Team member in the development and installation of an automated Bar Code Receiving System.

Technologies: IBM PC, RS/6000, MS-Windows, BBX 3, AIX Script, ANSI C, UNIX Shell Script, Progress, Procomm, SMIT, Forte, C++, EDI, AIX X 12 Translators

MAY COMPANY, St. Louis, MO Apr 92 to Feb 94
Production Control Analyst / Supervisor / Level 3 Programmer

* Supervised Production Control, Customer Support, Input/Output sections.

* Maintained all ADR/Database, DB2/COBOL II and ADABAS Libraries in Natural programming language.

* Provided maintenance of batch job scheduling and restarting, magnetic media libraries and quality assurance.


* Used File and Process Utility Programs (FUP and PUP) to process data collection via IBM Series 1 and NCR 7052 registers.

* Performed various levels of program abend resolution using TSO/E, ISPF, File-Aid, Panvelet and Roscoe (RPF).

* Prepared, edited, tested and implemented various COBOL programs and JCL/PROC members.

* Prepared program /report user documentation.

* Promoted various batch, CICS online and CSP applications into production.

Technologies: Tandem, IBM Mainframe, IBM Series 1, NCR 7052, MVS/ESA, TIL, TACL, BINT, TSO/E, ISPF, FILE-AID, Panvelet, Roscoe, COBOL, JCL/PROC, CICS, DB2, ADABAS, Natural, MSA AP/AR

UNITED VAN LINES, Fenton, MO Mar 90 to Apr 92
Senior Computer Operations Specialist

* Operated an IBM 3090 mainframe with multiple online CICS and Database regions in a MVS/ESA, TSO (ISPF), CA7/11, NCCF and JES2 environment.

* Performed nightly system backups for 1100 agencies.

* Recycled host mainframe and piloted new software changes.

* Assisted Data Security Manger and Internal/External auditors in regulating, maintaining and reporting security control measures.

* Prepared instructions, training sessions and materials for various levels of end-user interaction with software application changes.

* Administered training/documentation as required.


MASTERCARD INTL., St. Louis, MO Feb 89 to Mar 90
Main Console Computer Operator

* Operated a multiple IBM 3090 mainframe computer system complex with several CICS online regions and database applications on a global network.

* Served as a Team member in the detail design and installation of the Series 1-EDX "BANKNET" Electronic Draft Capture system.

* Processed/verified daily fraud and credit card authorization statements for the "Master the Moment" credit card campaign.

* Maintained executive system software service callers, COBOL II programs and JCL Procedure Libraries.

Technologies: IBM 3090, Series 1, CICS, CLIST, COBOL II, JES2, JCL, MIPS

US ARMY, Alabama, Germany Apr 84 to Dec 88
Computer/Machine Operator / Shift Supervisor / Programmer

* Served as Project Leader for MVS conversion from DOS, design and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures.

* Planned for the installation and use of new storage devices, software products and data services.

* Created and installed several relational database regions, CICS onlines and logistical supporting programs using CDC, IPF2, COBOL, BBX, UNIX/C and FORTRAN.

* Developed Deferred Payment Plan auto deductions software using JACKS and Army Air Force Exchange Service Programs.

* Created the first Army/D.O.D. European Theater EDI bridging software programs and technical profiles.

* Held two Military Occupational Specialties: 74 D Computer/Machine Operator, 74 F Computer Programmer.

* Scored 100% on Soldier Qualification Test for MOS 74D.

* Granted and Maintained U.S. Department of Defense Top Secret Special Background Investigation Security Clearance.

Technologies: IBM 4341, MVS, DOS, CICS, IPF2, COBOL, BBX, UNIX/C, FORTRAN, IBM OS 370, JES2, SACL, NCCF, UCC1, Roscoe, CDC


A.A. General Education - Dec 1985(3.75 G.P.A)
Columbia College / U.S. Army - Redstone Arsenal, AL

B.S. Computer Science - Dec 1988(3.5 G.P.A.)
University of Maryland / U.S. Army - Tompkins Kaserne - Schwetzingen, Germany

Continuing Education Program 2016 - Cloud Computing: Cloud Foundry, Microsoft .NET 5.0, Google, HP, IBM, Salesforce UMSL Chancellors Certificate Program University of Missouri-St. Louis.


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer - MCSD VB 6.0
Microsoft Certified Professional, Plus Internet - MCP/+ Internet
Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist (MOSS2007)

National Computer Science Academy - CP 400 HTML 4.0
National Computer Science Academy - CP 420 JavaScript

Brain Bench Certified: Internet Technology Fundamentals
Brain Bench Certified: Web Development Concepts
Brain Bench Certified: CSS2
Brain Bench Certified: Active Server Pages
Brain Bench Certified: ASP.NET
Brain Bench Certified: C#

EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker CEH 312-50


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