Unix Linux Shell MySQL To Backup Create Table

The following shell script shows how * Use At Own Risk

cat backup_create_tables.sh # to run this script # sh backup_create_tables.sh username password # pass args $1=username, $2=password or hardcode hostname, dbname, table_name, etc... mysql -h hostname dbname -u $1 -p$2 -e "SELECT * FROM table_name;" > backup_table_name.txt mysql -h hostname dbname -u $1 -p$2 -e "DROP TABLE IF EXISTS table_name_backup;" mysql -h hostname dbname -u $1 -p$2 -e "CREATE TABLE table_name_backup SELECT * FROM table_name;"

To run The following shell script enter

sh backup_create_tables.sh username password * If permissions are granted this will create backup_table_name.txt(local) and hostname.dbname.table_name_backup table Both the backup_table_name.txt file and hostname.dbname.table_name_backup containing contents of table_name *
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