Simple WML WAP Example

The WAP protocol(Wireless Application Protocol) is the leading standard for information services on wireless terminals like digital mobile phones. WML(Wireless Markup Language) is the language used to create pages to be displayed in a WAP browser. There are several different WAP browser applications that have Emulators. If you wish to design your own WML WAP programs you will need to find a good emulation tool.

Some of these Emulators render the WML code really well and some of them NOT so well. I have found the WinWap Emulator to be especially clean. You can download a trial version of this software from WinWap. The WinWap Emulator was used for creating the following graphical images.

If you can understand HTML, the WML is very similar with respect to Start and End Tags and XML Elements and Attributes. I created this Simple WML WAP Example to demonstrate some of these easy coding techniques. You can get complete tutorial information and documentation from the World Wide Web Consortium W3C.

You can create your own WML WAP programs with just a Text Editor, FTP utility(to transfer your WML page to your own domain server) and a WAP Emulator or Internet ready digital phone. You can also put actual phone numbers in your WML code that use the Wireless Telephony Applications Interface. Graphical images are even more difficult to render and code for different wireless pda and telephones. The format for wirelesss bitmap images .WBMP will require a lot of testing to implement on different types of machines.

You can access this WML WAP Example by entering into a WAP Browser or a Internet Ready phone.

The Howes-IT-Going Home WAP page is hig.wml

The Howes-IT-Going I.T. News WAP page is news.wml

The Howes-IT-Going Silly Joke WAP page is joke.wml

The Howes-IT-Going Search WAP page is search.wml

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