VB.NET XML Bible Viewer

The Howes-IT-Going XML Bible Viewer is a VB.NET application which I wrote(using Visual Studio 2003), that Imports the System.Data, .Drawing, .Windows.Forms, .NET and .XML Namespaces. The program parses/traverses/validates standardized Howes-IT-Going Proprietary Holy Bible KJV XML formatted files and reports basic non well formed errors.

I wrote this program after creating HTML, RSS Feeds, XHTML and XML Holy Bible KJV Databases, Webpages and Study Guides. I really got into Reading the Bible, Writing Dynamically Generated Rich Site Syndication, Web blogs and pages.

I have also created other Windows and Web Based Holy Bible KJV HTML and XML XSLT and CSS.

You can find these at the main Howes-IT-Going.com page or at Holy_Bible_KJV_XML AND Holy_Bible_KJV.

I can provide copies of the source code and executables for demonstration purposes upon request. Please feel free to check out my other applications too!

3John.xml - Holy Bible KJV XML New Testament Book of 3John - Used in Example

Howes-IT-Going Holy Bible KJV XML Viewer

3John.xml Data File Used in VB.NET XML Bible Viewer Example

By Clicking 3John.xml - Browser Transformation HTML Results should be:

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