Howes-IT-Going - Flash XML Calendar

By Running hig_calendar.swf the Results should be:

Howes-IT-Going - Flash XML Calendar

The hig_calendar.swf - Howes-IT-Going - Flash XML Calendar - is an Action Script that parses through hig_calendar.xml Input File -- Producing a robust calendar. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player or .SWF Opener Installed on a server And/Or a Web Browser to View the Results.

hig_calendar.swf - Save --> hig_calendar.swf to YOUR system/directory.

hig_calendar.xml - Save --> hig_calendar.xml to SAME.

ONLY CHANGE -- hig_calendar.xml -- calendar, year, month, day, image, label, description tags layout

This Compiled Flash XML Calendar Requires the Proprietary Howes-IT-Going Calendar File Layout. You can rename the .swf file... But, You Must Edit and Use the hig_calendar.xml file. Each time the .XML file is updated -- You will have to View Refresh or Reload the Flash Calendar movie.

Use Text Editor And Save As hig_calendar.xml or Highlight Code and Save As hig_calendar.xml!
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