Howes-IT-Going - Business Card - Image Map File Example

What's an image map file?

In general, an image map file contains the coordinates of each region you wish to make active(sometimes called hot zones) and their corresponding URL links.

The rectangle shapes in the sample Howes-IT-Going - Business Card - Image Map file(below) were mapped-out and the HTML code was created using Mapedit. Just move the mouse over (and click if you want to) each rectangle section of the Howes-IT-Going - Business Card.

Basically, this or any other Graphical Image file is opened in Mapedit and the desired regions/hot zones are outlined using the mouse. After a region is outlined, you are prompted to enter a URL link. In the sample imagemap, ALL of the Non White Space regions have designated URL links. The White Space regions of the sample imagemap were not mapped-out -- this is called the default region. If preferred, you can research methods for creating your own map files based on pixel grid coordinates using a photo/image editing tool and creating a blank image map file template. All you have to do is have the X,Y-Start and X,Y- End Map Coordinates of the pixel locations, the image and map file definition. View the source of this webpage to see how to do it! HAVE FUN CODING!

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